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POA. Almost pinot noir-like in intensity and appearance. A vibrant crimson/ garnet hue. Elegant and restrained berry fruit nose with light spice notes and a subtle oak presence.

POA. an intense tropical fruit spectrum dominates the aroma profile of this Chardonnay – notes of ripe nectarine and peach with hints of pineapple and banana.

Not bottle shown. POA. Definitive stonefruit Chardonnay varietal character with a touch of citrus alongside a lovely seam of lightly toasted French oak and yeast notes.

POA. A wonderful marriage of fruit, yeast and French oak with signature notes of minerality and a slight mealy complexity.

POA. Strongly aromatic – honeysuckle, lemon-blossom, lychee, white pear, quince and a touch of cinnamon – have I forgotten anything here? Definitively Viognier.

POA. Dominated by dark fruits – black cherry, black olive, Damson plumb with a definite presence of cedary oak.

POA. Complex aromas of violets and ripe black fruits, layered with floral notes and a dark pepper spice. Nuances of fine-grained French oak support the fruit aromas.

POA. A fresh, clean and fruit-driven style of Viognier, intentionally avoiding the temptation to use oak or other complexities in order to showcase the Viognier grape variety.

Aromas of rich, ripe grapefruit underlain by classical Semillon aromas of freshly cut grass and a hint of lime.

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